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Synkey Group, a Korean company with 70 years of history


Welcome to Synkey

  • Company Info
    Dongah was founded on March 17, 1951 in Pusan, Korea and started as the authorized NCR Korea from 1967.

  • Synkey is a hybrid between SYNergy and KEY, which represents our commitment to providing solutions to the field of automated bankingbanking automation system with Synergy Effect. In Korean terms, Synkey also means New Technology as we are also committed to the development of new technology to create more advanced, automated solutions that will meet every customers' need.

    Our company was founded in 1951, under the name of DongAh, and we started business as a trader. As a subsidiary of DongAh in 1975,DongAh Computer Corporation was founded and started to distribute banking machines throughout the Korean market. In 1989, DongAh Computer Corporation started to develop and manufacture its own passbook printer and CD/ATM.

  • In July 1996, DongAh Trading Corporation and DongAh Computer Corporation were merged into Synkey Group Inc., and launched as an independent provider of branch automated solution to the international market as well as to the Korean market.